Published Articles

By Rob Wentworth

Reprinted with permission from The Digital Viking
(official newsletter of the Twin Cities PC User Group)

The following are a sampling of "reprints" (actually the original files submitted to the editor, before artwork was added) from The Digital Viking newsletter. At the time that these articles were published, this newsletter had a distribution of around 1,000 issues per month.

Due to the transient nature of Internet content, e-mail and web addresses contained in these articles may no longer be valid. You might be able to find new addresses with an Internet search engine, such as Dogpile or Ask Jeeves.
[Substitute Google or Yahoo for modern times.]

Internet 101 - March 1996
["Ancient" Internet history.]

Internet 102 - April 1996
[Rather old "State-of-the-Art", but FWD is still around.]

Internet 103 - May 1996
[Beware, has become an adult website.]

Computer Virus! - July 1996
[Still interesting after all these years.]

TCP/IP Installation Tips - August 1997
[Some of this is still useful.]

Give Your PC the Boot - November 1997
[Useful for DOS geeks. Beware of stale humor.]

I hope to add Adobe Acrobat PDF versions of the final articles as published.